Developer! Developer! Developer! East Anglia

DDD East Anglia

Cambridge, UK
Saturday 16 September 2017


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08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome & Housekeeping
09:15 .NET core in the real world
Joe Stead
How to be a Rock Star developer
Phil Trelford
Building a better Web API architecture using CQRS
Joseph Woodward
User Story Mapping for Beginners
Colin Angus Mackay
Cultivating Code: 6 Things Gardening has Taught me about Legacy Code
Ceri Shaw
10:15 Break
10:35 Breaking the common myths about artificial intelligence
Galiya Warrier
An Introduction to GraphQL
Sam Hogarth
HALT! Who goes there?
Robin Minto
Speedy Git: Personal Productivity
Paul McGrath
Client-side web performance for back-end developers
Bart Read
11:35 Break
11:55 How to parse a file
Matt Ellis
Visual note-taking workshop
Ian Johnson
Applied Machine Learning #1 - Counting Your Chickens
Gary Short
Strategic Domain-Driven Design
Ian Russell
Control your GitHub releases with GitVersion and GitReleaseManager
Gary Ewan Park
12:55 Lunch
Grok talks
14:00 Microservices - what I've learned after a year of building a system
Nathan Gloyn
Creating A .NET Renaissance
Ian Cooper
Introduction to Event Sourcing
Duncan Jones
Testing Demystified
Karo Stoltzenburg
Spot the difference: Automating visual regression testing
Viv Richards
15:00 Break
15:20 The Pursuit of APIness: The Secret to Happy Code
Dylan Beattie
You build it, you run it
Chris O'Dell
Async in C# - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Stuart Lang
Monitoring-First Development
Benji Weber
Microservices and Containers: How Service Fabric can help build your distributed application
Steve Spencer
16:20 Break
16:30 Wrap-up
17:00 Close