Developer! Developer! Developer! East Anglia

DDD East Anglia

Cambridge, UK
Saturday 16 September 2017

Visual note-taking workshop

Visual note-taking (or sketchnoting) is the art of summarising information in a visual manner, to improve the discoverability and readability of your notes. I want to show people that there is no magic, just a series of simple techniques that can bring impressive results.

This is a practical session, you start by learning the simple techniques that I use when sketchnoting (hopefully dispelling the magic) and for the last part of the session I will be showing a video for you to practice note taking from.

It would be good if you could bring:

  • A pen - nothing special here, a simple pen will do
  • Some paper - again nothing special but I tend to prefer plain paper (you may need several sheets)
  • A highlighter, watercolour pen, coloured pencil, something more colourful than your writing pen.

(I will have some limited supplies available)