Developer! Developer! Developer! East Anglia

DDD East Anglia

Cambridge, UK
Saturday 16 September 2017

Welcome to DDD East Anglia!

DDD East Anglia is over for 2017

Thanks to all of the speakers, sponsors, helpers and attendees for their help and support in making DDD East Anglia a successful and enjoyable day. Photos from the event can be found on our Flickr page.


Slides and/or code for some of the talks can be found at the following links:


You can read some write-ups of DDD East Anglia 2017 in the following blog posts:


Ian Johnson, who did a Visual note-taking workshop, also sketchnoted the sessions he attended. Here are his sketchnotes:

Magda Figuerola, who attended Ian's session, was inspired to sketchnote some of the talks she attended:

DDD East Anglia will be returning for its fourth event. It will take place in Cambridge on Saturday 16 September 2017 at Hills Road Sixth Form College. Like all DDD community events, DDD East Anglia is free to attend, funded entirely through the generosity of our sponsors.

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